Top 5 Reasons to Rent Your Ride

August 1, 2023

The roads are full of amazing bikes. So many ways to live your freedom. To travel on your own terms. And to feel completely amazing while you’re at it. If you’re anything like us, your passion for motorcycles means it’s easy to fall for a beautiful model…and difficult to choose just one.

And while many of us own multiple bikes, it is true that garage space can be limited, and no matter how many you own, unfortunately, you can only ride one motorcycle at a time.

So how do you scratch that itch for variety? One word: renting. Here are some reasons renting your next ride might be good for you.

1. It’s a great move for experienced riders.

If you’re one of those riders who loves the lifestyle and has logged thousands and thousands of miles doing what you love best, then maybe you’re ready to expand your horizons a little. And renting is a great way to do that. You already know what you’re doing on a bike, so perhaps now’s the time to put those skills into action with a different kind of bike.

Maybe you’d like to try a completely new style. Maybe you’d like to try something a little bigger, a little faster or a little more versatile. Only you know what’s next on your riding journey, but whatever it is, renting a bike is a great, safe way to get a taste of something new.

2. It’s a great move for new riders, too.

We can hear you now: Hold up, you’re saying — you just said renting was for EXPERIENCED riders. Yes, that’s true. But hear us out.

As a new rider, your experience with bikes is, by definition, pretty limited, right? So after you’ve been to a training course and earned your license, it’s reasonable (wise, even) to try a few different bikes out to see what truly suits you. And who knows? You might be surprised at what feels right. But that’s the great thing about motorcycles — they’re made to celebrate the individual, so this is your opportunity to find a style that feels like it’s made just for you.

3. You can try before you buy.

Yes, we know that test rides exist, but not all dealerships offer them. And if you’re buying from a private party there’s no guarantee they’ll let you take their bike for a spin, either. That makes renting a bike you’re interested in the best way to get familiar with the potential bike of your dreams before you invest a lot of money on it.

And since most rentals are for the whole day or longer, it gives you ample opportunity to get to know the bike. You can try it in a variety of riding environments and see how it handles. Your motorcycle purchase is an investment in yourself — your independence, your passion, your lifestyle — so it makes sense to do some onboard research before you commit.

4. You can get a bike made for the adventure.

Most rental companies will have a variety of different styles to choose from. So if you have a particular kind of adventure in mind, you can find the exact kind of ride that’ll help you get the most out of it.

Maybe you want the long-distance comfort of a touring bike. Or perhaps what you have in mind would take the versatility of an adventure bike. You could be seeking the thrills of a sport bike. Or maybe you want to see what a three-wheel riding experience is like. If you’re like us, you gravitate to variety, and renting a bike is a great way to find the kind of novelty that keeps life interesting.

5. Maybe you’re a commitment-phobe.

Not ready to commit to a bike? No problem. If full-time ownership isn’t in the cards for you at the moment, consider the occasional rental as a way to get your riding fix.

So now that you know the upsides of renting, here comes the fun part: finding a bike to rent for yourself. There are lots of options out there, but don’t worry — we’ve got you. We’ve vetted some quality rental partners that you can dig into right here. Take a look. Find a ride. Because while you may be renting the bike, the experience you take away from it is something you’ll always own.


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