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Discover how other riders are experiencing the freedom of a lifetime, and find out how to get more out of your rides, too.

Places to ride

The journey is the destination.
A great ride is as close as your motorcycle. Every time you hit the road, you’ve got the makings of another experience of a lifetime.
Go deep

Everything looks different from a bike. It has a way of changing your
entire perspective on things. So as you begin to ride,
you’ll enjoy getting to know your own city or town
better than ever. As a motorcycle rider, you’re free to
explore all the hidden corners in your part of the

Go far

Road trip, anyone? Whether it’s the kind of journey you make in a day, or
the cross-country trip of a lifetime, nothing beats
seeing the world from your motorcycle. As a rider,
you’re in a unique position to experience things

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The rides of your life.

An epic ride can happen anytime, anywhere—it’s up to you and your bike. But here are a few routes that are stories just waiting for a hero. That could be you.


California Dreamin

Cruise the California coast from Monterey County to San Luis Obispo along 90 beautiful miles of Highway 1. Consider a scenic detour among stunning mountain vistas by taking the Nacimiento-Fergusson road.


Cruising Canyons

Utah’s breathtaking Zion National Park features 54 miles of ultra-scenic byway along Highway 9. Just take it from I-15 to Mt. Carmel Junction. Side trips to the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Lake Powell offer great riding opportunities.


I Heart NY

New York’s Hudson Valley is a playground of wineries, eateries, charming villages and gorgeous wooded landscapes. It’s all only 90 minutes from Manhattan, spanning from Yonkers to Albany with I-87 to your east and Highway 9 to your west.


Off-Strip Las Vegas

Go beyond the neon and explore the wonderland of stunning rock formations, desertscapes and red rock canyons surrounding Sin City. Highways 167 and 169 create a convenient network between Valley of Fire National Park, Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam.


Grand Ole Touring

Though Nashville itself isn’t known as a riding hotspot, it’s absolutely perfect as a fun base camp for great journeys. You’ve got horse country just 179 miles north in Louisville. Elvis Presley’s Graceland is 212 miles to the southwest. And the museums and attractions of Cincinnati are just 300 miles north.


Tips for a great ride, every time.

Motorcycle riding gives back everything you put into it—and more. Remember these tips to get the most out of every ride.


Gear up

Make sure you always wear the appropriate gear, and that your motorcycle is outfitted for the type of ride you’re taking.


Know yourself

Be real about your own experience level and capabilities. Choose rides that match your skills and only do what you’re comfortable with. Don’t rush into advanced rides—life is a long road and you’ll get there. Extra training and practice never hurt.


Eyes up

Ride without distractions and be on the lookout for motorists who aren’t paying attention. Remember that lots of drivers don’t see motorcycle riders as they should. Always stay in a driver’s mirror.


Careful through the turns

Brake before you turn, not during. Remember to adjust your speed. Trust your own best judgment and the performance of your bike.


Keep up with maintenance

A properly maintained bike is key. But don’t forget to maintain your safety equipment and riding gear, too.


Expect the unexpected

Motorists make mistakes. You might make a mistake or two, too. Plan for safety and you can mitigate unpleasant surprises.


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