The Top Reasons to Ride

November 30, 2022

So you’re thinking about learning to ride a motorcycle. No doubt, you’ve got your reasons. But these reasons are as unique as every rider that’s out there. Here’s a quick look at what usually tops the list.

1. A sense of freedom.

There’s a certain kind of human who values their freedom above all else. Personal autonomy is paramount. These people aren’t owned by anyone, and their obligations are limited to those they define and accept for themselves.

Sometimes, they’re called “rugged individualists.” Other times, they’re called “iconoclasts.” No matter what the label, it’s a breed of person that gravitates to motorcycle riding due to the sense of freedom the lifestyle inspires. For these people, nothing beats the feeling of motorcycle riding: the wind on their face, the connectedness with the world around them, and the undeniable truth that they have chosen not to just travel from A to B, but to seize the opportunity to experience the world in an exciting, invigorating way.

2. It’s part of your values.

Motorcycle riders tend to be independent, living according to a personal code. For many, that includes choosing a mode of transportation that doesn’t make some of the problems our world is facing even worse.

Let’s take a look at parking, for starters. Our communities are filled with huge swaths of asphalt designed for bulky cars to hunker down in while we do our shopping or work our jobs. These parking lots contribute to sprawl and create heat sinks in urban areas. As a motorcyclist, you’ll require less space for parking (side benefit: your designated space will usually be closer to the door, too). If more people rode instead of drove, we could address the problems of wasted land used as parking.

Land is a limited resource, and so are fossil fuels. Motorcycle riders know that we have to treat this resource with respect and choosing to ride is a great way to do it. The Department of Energy reports that on average, motorcycles get 44 miles per gallon, compared to 24 MPG for the average car and a dismal 17 MPG for most trucks.

3. Self-expression.

You ever have trouble finding a car or truck that really feels like you? Sure, you can find a vehicle that performs well or does the job, but a lot of riders find that a car or truck just doesn’t fit right.

On a motorcycle, there’s nothing between you and your individuality. The bike is an extension of yourself, and it makes a clear and immediate statement about who you are. If you are proud of the person you are, a motorcycle enables you to live that pride.

What’s more, just the act of riding a motorcycle tells the world something about you. You’re making a statement about who you are just by doing things on your own terms. And with the wide variety of motorcycle styles and profiles, you can let everyone know what you’re about just by letting your bike do the talking.

4. It’s fun.

Ever feel like you wanted a way to integrate more fun into your life? Plug into more thrills? Motorcycle riding does that—and it’s as simple as doing something you do every day anyway (traveling), only in a way that’s a lot more enjoyable.

Beyond replacing the chore of, say, a long commute with an opportunity for a daily ride on your motorcycle, riding is a great hobby, too. You might choose dirt biking. Track racing. Road trips. Day trips. Anything you can imagine. Once you’re a motorcycle rider, an entire world will open up to you.

5. The community.

Motorcycle riders are a breed apart, but we stick together. That means when you start to ride, you pick up more than a great new skill and hobby. You also discover a whole new community.

Out on the road, riders watch out for one another, which is something you just can’t say about everyone in a car or truck. There’s a culture, a language, and a point of view that’s shared among everyone.

And you’ll find that riding isn’t the only thing you have in common with your fellow motorcyclists. When you get a group of individualistic, freedom-loving people together you’ll be surprised at how many of your other interests overlap, too. In other words, every motorcycle purchase comes with free access to a whole new friend group.

There are as many reasons to ride as there are riders. Find your reason, find your bike and then find yourself in a whole new world.

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