The Four Stages of Motorcycle Ownership

April 7, 2023

Where are you on your journey as a motorcycle rider? We’re not talking about geographically. We’re talking about your connection to motorcycle riding itself. Just like anything — having a relationship or learning a new skill – there are different stages to it. We’ve broken motorcycle ownership into four stages. See which one you’re in.

Stage One: Infatuation

We all know what this one’s like: Those days before you owned a bike yourself, but you knew, deep in your bones, that you wanted one. Sure, it may have started with just a small spark (maybe a friend had a motorcycle, maybe a great looking bike caught your eye) but it didn’t take long for motorcycles to start consuming more and more of your thoughts.

At this stage, you start seeing motorcycles everywhere. You start wondering which bike might be right for you, imagining yourself on sport bikes or dirt bikes or cruisers, picturing what your life might start to look like with a motorcycle in it.

If you were young when this happened, you’d find yourself drawing pictures of motorcycles (probably when you were supposed to be doing your homework). If you were older, you probably found yourself endlessly scrolling the Internet looking at different types of bikes.

Funny thing about the infatuation phase, though: in a way, it never ends.

Stage Two: Discovery

The beginning of this stage is marked by a shift from what if to when. You start researching different types of motorcycles, maybe you even take a quiz to see what bike is right for you. This is the point where the proverbial rubber meets the road.

Next comes learning how to ride. Here’s where you might pick up a fun class on street riding or riding dirt bikes. Classes like these are essential—they’ll teach you a solid foundation of smart riding you can build on every time you ride.

This is the stage that marks a true milestone in the journey: buying your first motorcycle. Ask just about any rider about their first bike and they’ll tell you what a huge moment it was to get on it and ride away for the very first time.

And here marks a kind of honeymoon stage where you’re getting to know your bike and what it means to be a motorcyclist out on the road. You’re seeing the world from a whole new perspective. Even better, you’re getting to know the amazing people who make up this great community. Every part of the discovery phase is exciting and fun.

Stage Three: Habit

Now that you’ve had your motorcycle for awhile, it’s time to move into the most comfortable stage: habit.

This phase gets its name for lots of reasons. For one, riding is very much a habit at this point, almost an addiction, even. You’re looking for a way to ride your bike any chance you can get. You’re actively seeking new and exciting rides to scratch the riding itch—and you’re having the time of your life while you’re at it.

The second reason it’s called the “habit” stage? Hopping on your bike becomes automatic. When you need to get somewhere, it’s the first option that springs to mind.

This stage marks a transformation of sorts, leading right into…

Stage Four: Lifestyle

It’s the best stage of all, and you’ll be here before you know it.

The first thing that happens in this stage is that you begin to build your life around motorcycle riding. The trips you take become bike-centric. Your car or truck gets used less and less. You start calculating your gasoline budget on what your bike needs as opposed to other transportation options.

Next, you start to notice that your social circle widens, too. As a motorcycle rider, you’re now part of a community whose members come from all walks of life, yet everyone’s brought together by a shared passion for riding.

Finally, you’ll find that the independent part of your personality has begun to grow, too. You might find you have a greater sense of yourself and who you really are.

And sure, this is the final stage. But the fun thing about motorcycle riding is that every destination also represents a journey. And as we all know, that’s where all the excitement happens.

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