Secrets No More: These Apps Unlock the Best Rides

May 21, 2024

Secrets No More:
These Apps Unlock the Best Rides

Riding is an incredible experience. Moving in sync with your motorcycle, flowing through corners, and gliding toward your destination is a feeling like no other. But not all rides are created equal. Sometimes, the scenery and nature of the road itself can add that little bit extra to an already amazing endeavor.

Trial and error mixed with a bit of hearsay used to lead riders to the best rides in a region, often guarded by those in the know. Well, these are modern times, and we now have apps that help us all get in on the action. Many of these apps can also help connect you to your friends and other riders, and even help keep you safe. Here are a few options that our riding buddies enjoy.

  • REVER: This app that can help you discover, plan, track, and navigate motorcycle adventures. It has more than 3,000 of the best motorcycle riding routes from all over the world. The app will lead you to incredible rides, allow you to track your activity and share it with others, and plan your next moto trip and share the plan with your group. We love the Live Friend Tracking feature, which allows you to keep tabs on your buddies wherever they are riding, or they can keep tabs on you, especially if you are riding solo. And the Safety SMS, which sends automated text messages to contacts you choose at the start and end of your ride.
  • onX Offroad: A great option for those who enjoy adventures off the beaten (paved) path. It can help you find trails for dirt bikes, ATVs, and SxS all across the U.S., and gives trail details such as difficulty ratings, trail photos, and when trails may be open or closed. It also gives you public and private land information, so you can make sure you’re not trespassing, and allows you to markup your maps. You can also track, save, and share trips, and even save maps for offline use, so in case you are in an area without cellphone coverage, you can still find your way back.
  • Indian Motorcycle/Polaris Ride Command: Another app that can help you plan, track, and share your ride routes. You can also create ride groups in the app. The app also has a virtual garage you can add the different types of vehicles you have, such as motorcycles, ATVs, side-by-sides, snowmobiles, and more. You can even use it to log maintenance records for your different bikes. And you don’t need to own an Indian motorcycle or Polaris vehicle to use it!
  • Scenic: Here’s an app that can change the way you plan trips. Need to get from Point A to Point B but tired of your usual route? Use Scenic to pick a different route. Choose from straight, curvy, paved, or dirt. If you don’t like the route it is showing, choose a different one. Whether you’re planning an epic multi-day ride or just looking to change up your commute, Scenic has options. And like the other apps, you can track and share your routes, too!

Having this information at hand, in real-time, takes some of the guess work out of the ride and allows you to unlock routes you may not have known about otherwise. As you discover more and more routes, the ride just gets better and better.

Secrets No More: These Apps


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