Find Your Crew + Ride: Connecting with the Moto Community

June 18, 2024

Find Your Crew + Ride: Connecting with the Moto Community

For new motorcycle riders, finding a community is a great way to enhance your riding experience. Having a support network where experienced riders can share knowledge and beginner riders can gain confidence on the road is a no-brainer! Being part of a community means having a collective resource for all things moto-related, contributing to a richer and more fulfilling riding journey.

Not sure where to start? Here are some great resources to check out!

Local Clubs + Group Rides

Motorcycle clubs are a part of motorcycling’s rich history. Most sizable cities have chapters or local clubs that are relatively easy to connect with using a simple search engine inquiry or sites like Meetup. Most of these clubs organize group rides, so you can make some new friends and get in some miles!

Community Apps

From general moto enthusiasts to a specific riding category, there are some great apps to help you connect with other local riders.

  • TONIT: Built to connect riders worldwide to share their experiences and a passion for riding.
  • WLFxHERE: Created by WLF ENDURO, this app exists to connect people of similar riding styles so they can connect and hit the trails together.
  • COLLECTIVE by The Litas: COLLECTIVE by The Litas strives to create a community for riders to grow together and create a space for more womxn to experience motorcycles.
  • KICKSTANDSUP: Although unmoderated, KSU is a great spot to search events of all kinds in your area to see how you can get involved.
  • EAT SLEEP RIDE: ESR was created to build a community of all things motorcycles. Search local routes with points of interest, track your rides, and create group rides for others to join.

Motorcycle Shows

Moto shows are a great way to not only experience loads of great bikes but also connect with riders and motorcycle enthusiasts alike. Annual staples such as The One Motorcycle Show, The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show, and Born Free are the standouts, but there are loads of shows across the country that serve the same audience.

Rider Education

Classes of all kinds are a great opportunity to meet fellow riders. There are many Motorcycle Safety Foundation courses across the country to choose from, both for street and dirt skills, that are a great way to meet members of the community.

Dealership Events

Local dealers host test ride days and community events that give you the chance to check out bikes as well as meet new people. Find your local dealer and see what events are on the horizon.

Guided Tours

Whether you’re bringing your bike or looking to rent one for an adventure, guided motorcycle tours, like the epic trips offered by EagleRider, allow you to experience a grand ride alongside others just like yourself. For those who crave something a bit different, Can-Am’s UNCHARTED SOCIETY offers a variety of tours and adventures, but the 3-wheeler tours give you the moto vibe with a twist. 

Social Groups

With a wide variety of Facebook Groups and Instagram profiles to dive into, the social space holds loads of great communities to activate. As there are many, searching specifically for what communities you’re intrigued by is a great starting point. Another tip is to check out your favorite manufacturers who regularly feature influencers/ambassadors that may highlight communities/locations you find relevant.

Moto communities foster camaraderie and a sense of belonging, making rides more enjoyable while also encouraging new riders to venture out more frequently. Get out there and find your tribe!


By Ally Hardgrave
Content Creator, Ride With Us


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