Babes Ride Out: Good Times. Good Friends. Two Wheels.

October 5, 2023

No matter how long you’ve been riding, there’s one thing that never ceases to surprise you: how easy it is to make friends with people in the riding community.

In September we had the chance to do just that. We were fortunate enough to join Babes Ride Out, an organization that helps grow the women’s riding community through events and experiences, for several days of camping and riding near beautiful Santa Barbara, California.

Between navigating beautiful coastal highways and hanging campfire-side with some of the coolest people we know, we also found time to connect new riders with one another to trade stories, offer tips and come together around a shared passion for riding.

Of course, seeing it all is better than reading about it. Check out the video we put together — and if you’re a woman who loves motorcycles and riding, we hope to see you at a Babes Ride Out event soon, and in fact, you can join us at Babes in the Dirt, October 20 – 22 in Lebec, California.


Let’s talk. Then let’s ride.

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