Get Trained. Go Ride.

The most in-depth motorcycling information in the world can never replace the experience of learning to ride under controlled conditions with a professional instructor. Quite simply, the best thing you can do for your safety and for your riding or driving skills is to take a class.

For example, our friends at the Motorcycle Safety Foundation® offer award-winning street bike riding courses all over the country. In fact, the MSF recently graduated its eight millionth RiderCourse student, a milestone reached through the ongoing efforts of nearly 10,000 RiderCoaches at more than 2,000 training sites worldwide.

The MSF also offers classes for dirt bike riders; the ATV Safety Institute offers classes for all-terrain vehicle riders; the Recreational Off-Highway Institute offers classes for ROV drivers. Click the links below for details.


Want To Learn To Ride Street Bikes?

If you’ve never ridden a motorcycle before, the hands-on Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic RiderCourse℠ is the best way to learn the basics of operating a motorcycle on the road. This course is great for beginners. Visit to find a class near you.

Want to Learn to Ride Dirt Bikes?

Learn to ride dirt bikes with a Motorcycle Safety Foundation DirtBike School. The course, for riders 6 and up, is a half-day, hands-on class that teaches riders the skills they need to ride off-highway motorcycles. Visit to find a DirtBike School near you.

Want to Learn to Ride ATVs?

Take the ATV Safety Institute’s ATV RiderCourse℠! It’s a fun, half-day, hands-on class where you and your family can learn to ride an ATV in a controlled environment under the supervision of a licensed Instructor. Visit to reserve your seat.

Want to Learn to Ride ROVs?

You can learn to drive side-by-sides with the Basic DriverCourse℠ offered by the Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association. This class offers students three hours of driving time and teaches the basic skills needed to enjoy your adventures off-highway.

MSF Street Bike Training is available in 46 states. For those states that do not offer MSF training, use these links to find a course: