Family Fun

Off-road recreation can be an enjoyable and rewarding pastime for families. 

Enjoying nature, spending quality time together, and learning motor skills are all part of the bonding experience for many families. And children are often the safest students and riders because they don’t have any pre-existing “bad riding habits.” An experience like riding a dirt bike or ATV with parents and siblings can give a child self-confidence that will spill over into other areas such as school and team sports.

There are dirt bikes and ATVs available for youngsters age 6 and up. But powersports products are NOT toys, nor are they babysitters. Children under 16 MUST be supervised at all times when riding a dirt bike or ATV.


There is no sure way to predict whether your child will be able to ride a dirt bike or ATV safely. Only you as the parent can decide if your child has the capabilities and qualities to safely operate a powered vehicle. The booklets below contain “readiness checklists” to help parents determine if and when their child can handle a dirt bike or ATV. And once a child starts riding, a parent has the responsibility to take away the privilege at any time if the child becomes careless or misbehaves.

Parents, Youngsters and Off-Highway Motorcycles
Parents, Youngsters and All-Terrain Vehicles