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Sourdough Starter? Learning to Knit? My COVID Hobby Is Riding Motorcycles

from Corey Seymour at

I mean, don’t get me wrong: I tried the other stuff. I read more fiction—hell, I read more poetry, lots more; I lost 30 pounds; I convinced myself, for perhaps the 11th time, that I would take up drawing again; I took apart one of my guitars, redesigned it a bit, and put it back together again. (All of which got me through, what—May?) But when all those moments passed, I was left staring in the face of one of the biggest dreams I’ve always deferred: I wanted to buy a motorcycle and ride it fast, and often.

It started off this time, oddly enough, as a safety consideration. When we all thought we’d still be going back to work in our offices, oh, soonish, it seemed wise to make a plan to do so without relying on the subway. The fact that I can (and often did) fairly easily ride to work on a bicycle barely entered my mind. (What if I, you know, had to get to work, well, very fast?!) I’m hardly alone in this instinct: Motorcycle sales in the age of COVID are up by double digits—and over the last decade, the number of women buying them has doubled. (Chris Lesser, who runs Union Garage, a motorcycle-gear mecca in Red Hook, Brooklyn, told me of a more direct COVID connection: Two of his newest customers, having contracted the virus and survived, bought themselves motorcycles as a kind of gift of life.)

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