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By Michael Frank for Cool Hunting. 

Motorcycle apparel—which has to be protective, breathable and move with a rider—isn’t just demanding to design, it’s also difficult to make look appealing. With all the tech needed to protect from sun, rain, wind, debris and the road itself, much of the gear looks almost absurd when riders step three feet from the motorcycle. Not to mention, styles borrowed from the military can send all the wrong messages. REV’IT—a Dutch brand that has stood apart from decades of cartoonish cues in motorbike apparel—provides all the protection a rider needs, while still advancing technology and utility with its latest collections. The design team achieves this by building on an intrinsically utilitarian approach.

The brand’s Senior Apparel Product Designer, Rod Macintyre, says REV’IT’s core thinking can be understood simply by studying a pocket on the Bowery Jacket versus the Vigor Jacket (above, respectively). “First, if you take something like a technical mountaineering jacket, it has big, oversized pockets for utility,” he says. But there’s also the “optics” of these pockets: can you tell the pocket size from its shape? Does the shape signal its use? Does that seem inspired by other sports or workwear—further indicating its purpose?\

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